Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7th, 2010

I knew I should mine any available opportunity today to make my photo happen. I was alone at work, with no chance of leaving, and afterwards, the Superbowl, friends, and chili awaited. Nothing pink in sight, I'll tell you that much. So when I saw this girl in her sweatshirt on my tea run, I thought-- here's your chance! Trust, I consulted her before I snapped away.

Now here's the point where I say to myself, well, good for you, you crossed the bridge of asking someone you don't know if you can use them for a photo opp, but, now as I'm looking at it, I say, well, it's got pink in it, just like you wanted, but this picture could say something, but doesn't. At all. I start to wonder now if I could have framed this picture in a way so that it did mean something; and that's definitely something I would not have thought of heretofore. Babysteps. This project might get me good yet.


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